Detailed Guide to Various BullGuard Antivirus Tab Settings

Detailed Guide to Various BullGuard Antivirus Tab Settings

BullGuard is a well-known Antivirus and internet security brand. It offers comprehensive protection for all of your devices, data, and networks to create a healthy and secure environment for your life online. Visit the desired section, tap on the drop-down option in the Antivirus tab and choose the settings option.

In that tab, you can:

  • Rearrange the On-Access file.
  • Select the files to scan by themselves on your PC.
  • Alter the complex detection settings.
  • Decide for what your Antivirus must-do if any virus is observed.

The On-demand driver utilizes predefined profiles to run only one scan at a particular date.

The On-Access driver runs in the desktop bar and performs the active verifications for all the files for potential risks ahead of them being accessed by the ongoing processes on the PC. The consequent scan engine will give a tiny portion of the computer processing resources to look out for the utilized files to execute the process. The outcome of this can come in a little bit of calmness while accessing the folders having large file numbers or launching applications that require access to a lot of resources.

Changing the On-Access settings can create an influence on both the PC and the app performance and can decrease the level of protection for your PC. Running the day-to-day  system scans can compromise for some extra lax and lenient real-time scans tool.

Tapping on the Antivirus text gives you the authority to check the On-Access driver turn On or turn Off. Your desktop comes into exposure to cyber threats when you keep the real-time Monitor on sleeping mode.

Antivirus Plugin Sections Setup

Same as the other Bullguard Settings, You will see two-levels of settings in the Antivirus plugin:

  • Basic
  • Advanced

Basic Antivirus Settings

You can use this section of settings to turn On or Off the complete Antivirus plugin. You can also select any of the predefined protection levels as per your requirements.

Optimal security is the default level set by the brand’s protection professionals. You can also select Maximum security while using doubtful network connectivity, like public WiFi, or Minimum security level in case you are connected to your home network or any reliable site.

Advanced  Antivirus Settings

The moment you select the advanced settings tab, many options will appear on your screen instantly; however, the protection levels are present there. You can use these options to enable or disable a particular portion of the Antivirus plugin, based on your requirements of protection.

  • Scan option for files: This feature lets the On-Access driver scan each of the files ahead of access taken by the ongoing applications. This option also helps you in scanning all documents visible in any folder you have selected while accessing it with Windows Explorer.
  • Scan behavioral: This option helps you in adding more layers of protection in front of outrageous cyber threats. It wil also help you in turning On the Antivirus driver to perform detection for suspicious activities that are not relying on definitions files but by extremely close procedures to monitor and access the files to delicate OS sites like Windows registry.
  • Scan option for Internet Traffic: It helps you in allowing the Bullguard to perform scanning of the data coming into your desktop from the Web. This feature also gives you the authority to avoid any potential risk attempts from making full use of vulnerabilities available in the web-browser or OS you are working on.
  • Scan option for e-mail: The On-Access driver will facilitate the scanning of emails in your inbox. Bullguard has the ability to conduct scanning of both received and sent emails from email apps such as MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.
  • Antivirus Identities: You can prepare the configuration for the scanning identities by tapping the cursor over the Manage Identities.

The Advanced settings of the Antivirus comprise four more sublevels that help you in customizing the default settings. You can find out the menu on the left-hand side that includes options like Actions, Tune-up, Misc, and Safe Browser.


This option helps you to select the Antivirus module of your choice in giving the reaction for any suspicious activity is encountered by the On-Access Module.

During the time you deal with a file encountered with suspicious behavior, This feature can allow Bullguard to:

  • Resolve: When you turn On this option, Bullguard will surely make an attempt to disinfect the item and, in case there is no possibility of disinfection, it will move the item in quarantine from the previous location.
  • Block: Turn On this option to let the On-Access driver stop the accessibility of infected items.
  • Show a pop-up: Enable this option to allow the warnings or alert notification to appear on your screen to you aware of the infected item your Antivirus is preventing access to.
  • Play media: Use this option to let your Bullguard antivirus play a particular audio file in case an infected item is found.


In this section, you can select the exact way to use the On-Access security feature and select something you want to exclude while scanning the files.


There are several useful features you can get in this option that facilitate the essential activities or scans. You can turn On the features like Heuristic detection to detect newly developed malware strains, Spyware detection to perform scans for spyware activities, file monitoring, the inclusion of footer in emails, and more. These are the essentials an Antivirus driver uses with the help of behavior and code pattern analysis.

Safe Browsing

By marking the Safe browsing, the text box turns On the BullGuard to inspect the links present on a webpage for available cyber risks. An icon will appear in front of each link that will give you an alert about the safety while accessing the site. Phishing sites that try to impersonate the sensitive data of users can harm you by collecting and disclosing your data on the dark web. Safe Browing keeps you away from such sites by blocking them automatically.

Tapping on the manage lists launches an Antivirus: Safe Browsing tab, where you can add the websites to the blacklist or whitelist by using the manual options. Access to any of the sites you have added to the blacklist will be blocked by itself.

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