Everything About Webroot Antivirus Software

Everything About Webroot Antivirus Software

Why Do We Need Antivirus?

Antivirus protection is a necessity for every person and business who wishes to enter any digital space. Having a reliable antivirus will protect your data and computer systems from getting corrupt. This antivirus software acts as a gatekeeping personal who secures your computer and prevents unauthorized access. You must have heard countless times that ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Hence, it is suggested to have a software already in place to detect and prevent every virus attack rather than regretting and spending a fortune of time and money to repair the infected system.

Think straight from a business perspective that your reputation could be on stake if malware enters your device and exposes the personal client data or sends unsolicited documents to your contacts in an attempt to transmit the virus further.

How Does Antivirus Work?

Antivirus software is designed to carefully detect, prevent and take action against every malicious software that comes in the way of your device. No matter how smartly you use your computer and avoid coming into contact with a virus, you can’t ignore these threats. Hence, it is better to rely on antivirus software for a good security strategy.

If you install good Antivirus software like Webroot, it will run in the background and check every file you open. It will run the documents through a security check to ensure that it is not infected from viruses or any other malware. These checkups help in preventing your device from getting infected.

The software also regularly scans the system to ensure that no virus threats lie dormant on your device. After these scans, if the antivirus software comes across any signature virus or malware, it will automatically quarantine the file. It will either delete it or choose to run it if you’re confident it is a false detection.

Why Free Antivirus isn’t Better

All activities from shopping, banking to financial plannings have migrated to the web, due to which the stakes of cybersecurity continue to rise. Essential features that protect you and secure your online presence like password management, mobile security, or identity and privacy protection are not included in most free protection. Hence, if you are installing a free antivirus, it is to console yourself psychologically. So invest your money in an antivirus that works and protects you from malicious threats. 


Webroot is a cybersecurity company based in Colorado, United States. The company started selling consumer-oriented antivirus software in the year 2006. It offers three different “SecureAnywhere” antivirus software packages at a price lower than all the competitors in the market. The company also provides business-oriented products, out of which BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services are the most trusted products by large networking companies. The company’s success is due to its promise of efficiency and effectiveness and its quality customer service.

Webroot believes that everyone who enters any digital space has the right to be secure from malware threats is therefore extremely passionate to protect businesses and consumers from all cyber threats. The company combats the most complex cybersecurity challenges and are continually reckoning ways to extend the value of threat identification, prediction, and remediation to the connected world.

Features of Webroot

Identity theft protection

Are you aware that there are specialized malicious applications and websites on the web capable of monitoring your internet browsing activities? The sole purpose of such websites is to steal your confidential information and create havoc. Webroot conceals your identity and confidential information from all these websites. It protects your usernames, account numbers, and personal information from any unauthorized intervention of keyloggers, spyware, and other online threats.

Secure browsing with real-time anti-phishing

According to the 2017 data from a leading cell phone carrier, the primary cause behind 90% of the breaches is phishing. There are specific websites, emails, and other communications designed to steal users’ login credentials or implant malware on your device. Webroot secures your device from every such malware attack by running an anti-phishing drive.

Lightning-fast scans

Webroot runs regular background scans for your device, which takes only 20 seconds. This scan timing is 60x faster than every competing product in the market. These scans might take less time, but they still offer superior protection. Alongside these scans, Webroot also provides cloud-based updates to ensure that your internet security is always up to date.

Webcam protection

Whether it is just built-in hardware or an accessory for you, webcams can still be vulnerable to cybercrime. They might not be useful for you, but for hackers, they are eyes and ears through which they access your device whenever and from wherever they want. Webroot’s Internet security software is the safest guard against all threats like Trojan malware that can hijack your webcam.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Webroot offers various basic antivirus products to protect your device from all malicious malware threats and ensure 100% protection while you enter any digital space. To know further about the packages available for these products, check out the next section.

Products of Webroot

Webroot offers various basic antivirus products that can protect your device from all malicious malware threats and ensure 100% protection while you enter any digital space. To brief you further about the packages available for these products we are mentioning them for you.

SecureAnywhere Antivirus (functions on Windows and macOS)

  • The One year/one device plan of Secure Anywhere Antivirus is $29.99 for the first year and then for each subsequent year $39.99. For one year, three devices $37.49 and $49.99.
  • The two years plan for one device $59.99/$79.98 and three devices $79.99/$99.98
  • For three years: one device plan $89.99/$119.97 and three devices $109.99 with subsequent $149.97 per year.

SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus (available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)

This plan has an additional password manager feature, but it isn't available for a single device.

  • One year: three devices $44.99/$59.99, five devices $69.99
  • Two years: three devices $99.99/$119.98, five devices $109.99/$139.98
  • Three years: three devices $139.99/$179.97, five devices $159.99/$209.97

SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)

This plan includes LastPass and provides cloud storage of 25 GB. This plan also acts as a system optimizer that allows your device to run more smoothly. This product can protect up to five devices and can be availed for one year as well.

  • One year: $59.99 and subsequent yearly charge of $79.99
  • Two years: $129.99 and subsequent yearly charge of $159.98
  • Three years: $179.99 and subsequent yearly charge of $239.97

Webroot VPN protection

None of Webroot's packages includes a virtual private network (VPN) protection. Therefore, the company came up with a separate VPN package called Webroot WiFi Security for Windows, macOS, and Android.

  • One year/ three devices: $39.99 with subsequent yearly charge of $59.99
  • One year/ five devices: $59.99 with subsequent yearly charge of $79.99

How Does Webroot Work?

Webroot runs a minimum of three scans in a day to identify very potential online threats to protect your device from any inactive virus present in your device. When a Webroot user enters any online space, Webroots runs regular background checks and alerts you if you enter any harmful sites, furthermore it quarantines any document that carries any dangerous malware and deletes it eventually. All these regular inspections are done in the background to ensure that it doesn’t hamper the user’s work.

Webroot Pros and Cons


  • The most significant advantage of Webroot is its low-priced subscriptions, through which you can avail the best of benefits without spending a fortune.
  • No adverse impacts on system performance.
  • Webcam and firewall protection at all pricing levels.


  • No VPN or identity theft monitoring is included. VPN security is not available in the Webroot products, but you can buy a subscription for Webroot’s VPN protection.
  • No parental controls.

Other Alternatives

If Webroot isn’t for you, there are a few other options you can rely on. Here’s the editor choice list of the Best Antivirus Software for Windows 2021.

  • McAfee
  • Norton
  • Total AV
  • PC Protect
  • Avast
  • AVG
  • Malwarebytes
  • Bitdefender
  • Kaspersky
  • Panda
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