Kaspersky is Total Antivirus Protection Software for Antivirus

Kaspersky is Total Antivirus Protection Software for Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus Software is available with distinct features and functions for Windows-specific and multi-operating gadget programs. The software is designed specifically to protect the device from every malicious threat that can damage the system. The only flaw in this total protection software is that none of its programs consist of a complete VPN or identity theft protection.

The organization came into existence in 1997 in Moscow, Russia, and since then, it is designated to be one of the world’s leading privately-owned cybersecurity companies. The software offers cybersecurity answers for customers, companies, and authorities clients in two hundred different countries and territories. Today, the company has thirty-five workplaces in thirty-one countries and employs over four thousand employees for a customer base of four hundred million. We believe that Kaspersky is the Total Antivirus Protection Software for your device, and to help you understand more, we are listing everything you need to know.

Pros and Cons of Kaspersky


  • The family plan option includes over 20 devices.
  • Affordable multiyear/ multidevice subscriptions.
  • Offers distinct macOS-specific solutions.


  • Limited VPN included only in the premium subscription.
  • Doesn’t offer any identity theft protection.
  • Limited descriptions of certain features and packages.

Products of Kaspersky

Kaspersky software programs are available in basic/better/quality PC antivirus products. Furthermore, Personal and twenty device Family editions have an inbuilt security cloud package. The Kaspersky products are available with three, five, ten, and twenty device insurance in one, two, and three-year subscriptions. The software is also available at a 40% or 50% introductory discount price with 30 days free trial(the discount might vary). The only drawback of the product is that the company doesn’t provide a single-user/single-screen option.

Kaspersky plans include:

Anti-Virus (for Windows only)

This software offers protection against basic antivirus, crypto-mining malware, and ransomware that can seriously damage your device. The product is offered in three and five device plans for one, two, and three years subscriptions.

Three devices

  • For one-year subscription costs $29.99/ upon renewal $59.99.
  • For two years $59.99 / upon renewal $119.98.
  • Similarly, for three-year $89.99/ $179.97 upon renewal.

Five devices

  • For one year $39.99/$79.99
  • For two years $79.99/$159.98
  • For three years $119.99/$239.97

Kaspersky Internet Security (PC, Mac, Android, iOS)

Kaspersky Internet Security software adds a unique feature of multi-operating system coverage alongside the classic features of webcam and phishing protections. The software also offers an encrypted browser explicitly designed to protect the customer’s confidential financial details. The software can be availed at PC, Mac, Android, and iOS for up to five devices.

Three device subscription

  • For one year, $39.99/$79.99
  • For two years, $79.99/$159.98
  • For three years, $119.99/$239.97

Five device subscription

  • For one year, $44.99/$89.99
  • For two years, $89.99/$179.98
  • For three years, $134.99/$269.97

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security offers all the features listed in Internet Security. In addition to that, the total security package also offers unique features of safe kids that include parental controls, password manager, and backup file protection—supported by PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Five devices

  • For one year, $49.99/$99.99
  • For two years, $99.99/$199.98
  • For three years, $149.99/$299.97

Ten devices

  • For one year, $74.99/$149.99
  • For two years, $149.99/$299.98
  • For three years, $224.99/$449.97

Security Cloud

Security Cloud software package is available in Personal and Family versions accessible on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. It includes two advanced operational technologies: Patented Adaptive Security, which anticipates threats and advises when action is needed. The tech also has automatic updates to device settings. Secondly, the Account-based control allows every device user to adjust the protections and features according to their needs and diverts operations to the cloud, and minimizes the impact on device performance.

Security Cloud also includes the protection and features of Total Security with an improvised web antivirus and anti-phishing, data encryption, online payments protection, backup creation, a hard drive health monitor, and a VPN limited to 500 MB per day per device. A wholesome package for all cybersecurity needs.


Three devices

  • One year $53.99/ upon renewal $89.99
  • Two years $107.98/ upon renewal $179.98
  • Three years $161.98/ upon renewal $269.97

Five devices

  • One year $59.99/ upon renewal $99.99
  • Two years $119.98/upon renewal $199.98
  • Three years $179.98/ upon renewal $299.97


Twenty devices 

  • One year $89.99/ upon renewal $149.99
  • Two years $179.98/ upon renewal $299.98
  • Three years $269.98/ upon renewal $449.97

(Note that the discounts and renewal prices can change often.)

Lastly, there is also a free version (not a free trial) package called Kaspersky Security Cloud Free. It includes only no-frills antivirus protection.

Note: Kaspersky offers a 30-day free trial of all the paid versions of its software.

Knowledge Base

How to Install Kaspersky?


  • Start by downloading the Kaspersky Anti-Virus installer (select the product you wish to install) from the official website of Kaspersky or via the email link you might have received from the online store.
  • Run the downloaded version.
  • Click skip to install the current version or stay on the screen for the system to update to the current version.
  • Click continue after thoroughly reading the license agreement.
  • Review the KSN Statement by clicking on the link on your screen. If you wish to participate in the Kaspersky Security Network, leave the checkbox selected.
  • Check-in the Install option and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Carefully select the settings you want to apply and then click apply.
  • Once the procedure is completed, click done.


Before installing:

  • Ensure that your device (Mac) meets the system requirements; otherwise, uninstall the incompatible applications from your device.

For installing Kaspersky to Mac:

  • Begin the process by downloading the installer from the Kaspersky website. Then, run the installer.
  • Double-click on the Install Kaspersky Internet Security (or the product you desire to install).
  • Carefully go through the Kaspersky Security Network Statement and click I agree.
  • Read the “Kaspersky End User License Agreement” and begin the installation process by clicking Install.
  • Enter your login address and password and create your user account, then press ok.
  • Thoroughly read the information and then grant permissions to install Kaspersky drivers.
  • Stay on the screen until the process is completed, then click finish.

How to Disable Kaspersky?

For successfully disabling Kaspersky from your device, check the system tray and right-click on the Kaspersky icon, then select the “pause protection and control.” After a while, the software will be successfully disabled.

How to Uninstall Kaspersky?

Kaspersky can be uninstalled using the Windows standard Add/Remove function.

How to Cancel Kaspersky Subscription?

Kaspersky subscription is an essential prerequisite that allows you to benefit from all premium features of Kaspersky tested applications for a pre-determined period that can range from one year to twenty years. Kaspersky package subscription comes with an automatic renewal feature wherein you can avail the benefits until you cancel the subscription. Therefore to avoid additional charges, cancel the subscription before the beginning of each term.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, start by purchasing a different license or subscription for the application’s premium version. If you no longer require the services of premium features and plan to switch to Kapersky’s free version. Delete the software, and don’t intend to open it anymore; otherwise, you might get charged twice or unexpectedly higher. 

What is the Kaspersky Activation code?

Kaspersky activation code is a numeric combination you receive when purchasing a license for the software. The combination code consists of 20 digits which are divided in this format: ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ. Without having a code, you will not be able to activate your license.

Where is the Activation Code I Bought?

If you wish to find your Activation code, check out the following ways to find your activation code.

  • If you purchased the subscription from an online store’s license, the activation code would be on your registered email address (the one used at the time of purchase).
  • Check the activation code in the quick start guide if you bought the CD application.
  • After purchasing a license renewal card, check the code on the back of your card.


Steps for deleting the key and activate the application

  • Check the lower-right corner of the application window and click license.
  • If you have a licensing plan, a link will open.
  • Click on the license information, then press delete.
  • Carefully fill in your activation code; click activate to continue.
  • After the activation process is completed, click finish (note that it might take a while).

The application will reactivate eventually.


To sum it up, we believe that Kaspersky antivirus software is the best antivirus software as it did exceptionally well in our ratings. The software is useful and offers affordable multidevice and multiyear subscriptions. Furthermore, if you wish to use the software on multiple devices, the family plan option is a perfect fit as it protects up to 20 devices.

However, if you wish to try any other software, the best alternatives are Norton antivirus and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. If you wish to invest in inexpensive software for protecting multiple devices, then without a doubt, McAfee will be an optimum choice. Note that if your device gets infected with malicious programs regularly, select Webroot. The behavior detection feature of Webroot identifies the threat by monitoring the behavioral pattern of websites.

We suggest that if you want a full antivirus protection software for all your security issues, Kaspersky antivirus software is the ideal alternative.

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